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by Dick Lane -
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0) I posted some questions about "timing of online assignments" to the Main Forum.

1) Do the courses to be used during a Demo Workshop have a roster with recorded work on some assignments (one closed, one still open) so that a participant can explore several ways to examine statistics about individual student and aggregate class performance?

2) Which articles of http://webwork.maa.org/wiki/Category:Instructors should novice instructors study first? What new articles should be added?

3) What help should a consultant provide during a novice's first week? first month?

4) What major questions have been asked by participants in the October or November demo workshops (during or afterwards)? Brief summaries from a consultant at each of those workshops would be useful.

5) Although I am very unclear about the intended balance between demo and tutorial for the initial workshop, I think it would be useful to begin design of a followup workshop with a variety of tutorials.

6) What is the interest in scripting and recording brief demonstrations using tools such as Camtasia or ProfCast?
(FWIW: it took me about 2 hours to script, revise, record, re-record (etc^{high power}) a 3-minute demo of logging-in and changing password for a first WeBWorK session using Camtasia Relay. By the time it was posted to iTunesU, it was superfluous. I am more optimistic about the value:effort ratio for subsequent attempts.)