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Student Answers Not Recorded

Student Answers Not Recorded

by Thomas Hagedorn -
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I've had a report from one of our instructors of a student claiming to have done her Webwork assignment but the next day, no credit was given for those problems. I've checked the login and answer logs and I see one record of a login, but no answers recorded for that login.

The student did report that she had to keep logging back into Webwork, but I don't see any subsequent logins or any guest logins in the login log file.

We're using the latest Webwork version.


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Re: Student Answers Not Recorded

by Sam Hathaway -
You might try looking in the Apache access logs for requests from that user's IP, to see if she had continued to work after her initial login. I don't think you can reconstruct her answers, but you would be able to tell if she had indeed been working.