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Bugzilla desktop client

Bugzilla desktop client

by Jason Aubrey -
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Hi All,

This might be useful for those of you who work with the webwork bugzilla.

The company ALM Works (http://almworks.com) makes a popular bugzilla desktop client and they let open-source projects use a fully featured version of it for free.

They have kindly added


to their list of sponsored servers. If you are interested in using this, the instructions they sent are below.


Hello Jason,

Thanks for your request and sorry for delayed reply. I have added http://bugs.webwork.maa.org to the list of sponsored Bugzilla servers.

To use Deskzilla Lite freely with your server:

1. Download and install the latest Deskzilla Lite (not Pro) from http://almworks.com/deskzilla/download.html

2. Run Deskzilla Lite. After it starts, select menu Connection | Update Sponsored Servers List. (You have to be connected to the Internet at this point.) Wait until update finishes (there's a small progress bar in the status bar of the window, at the bottom).

3. Create a new connection to your server. The wizard should tell you that you’re connecting to a sponsored Bugzilla server.

Deskzilla Lite will work without any limitations, just as Pro edition, when connected to a sponsored server.

Thanks for your interest in our product! Let me know if you have any questions.

Kind regards,



Igor Sereda

ALM Works

| tel.US +1 (773) 598-5805

| fax.US +1 (302) 341-0282

| tel/fax.RU +7 (812) 740-5790

| mailto:sereda@almworks.com

| http://almworks.com