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sampler sets for College Algebra & Precalculus -- draft 1

sampler sets for College Algebra & Precalculus -- draft 1

by Dick Lane -
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I added two files to the resources for the consultants' course (http://webwork.maa.org/moodle/course/view.php?id=8):
Each contains a DEF file, a Header.pg, and a PDF (from a student's perspective). [File names were chosen so that they appear together in a sorted listing.]

Each is a draft of a sample assignment to consider for inclusion in the course used during demo workshops. All problems are in the current NPL. Each DEF has commented-out links to a variety of alternative problems. Each Header has a brief table of contents.

There is a mixture of free-response tasks (unlimited tries) and multiple choice or multiple response (with a cap on number of tries). Both sets have at least one problem with a special grader. To show that points can be varied, each set has a problem worth two points. A few problems have a solution; I think none has a hint (but some do use a grader which can supply a mild diagnostic). Very few numeric tasks have correct answer displayed as an expression rather than a mere decimal value (note: many of the "_mo" versions I examined had that behavior).

Disclaimer: I have checked the programming for very few of these problem templates. I think explicit checking should be done, rather than relying on absence of error reports.