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Professor printing student papers without hints

Re: Professor printing student papers without hints

by Dick Lane -
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I create a {me}TA account with TA permissions.  It can generate a multi-account print request which omits the hint stuff.  (I have always thought of this as a kludge, but Gavin's analysis seems to show that a more elegant fix is apt to require some deep changes in the system.)

I use that account only once per semester.  I design my first assignment to print on a single page.  I produce the stack of individualized printouts, circulate the (alphabetically ordered) stack during class telling each student to extract her/his page, then compare it with 2 or 3 neighbor's pages to see what is similar and what is different.

I will often announce a subsequent assignment by distributing a printed version --- of a Practice "student" if I allow Guest access or of a pseudo-student when Guest access is not enabled.  My printer is used to produce one document and the department's duplicator produces the multiple copies (using back-to-back printing for multi-page printouts).  Not only does this reduce costs, it provides me with repeated opportunities to encourage group work --- each student knows she/he gets a personal version of the problems, their study group can discuss solving the printed version of hard problems, but each individual will need to adapt the group's analysis to handle their own version of the assignment.  (I also remind classes, occasionally, that each student can choose to print their version using their printer.)