Account & advice for student programmer

Account & advice for student programmer

by Siman Wong -
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This summer I will work with an undergraduate student to implement webwork problems for a class.

(1) Would this forum allow a student to sign up for an account and to post questions? The student will do the bulk of the programming, and it would be more efficient and less cumbersome for him to get direct access to the forum than to do it through me (of course I will supervise his work).

For the record, this is a rising senior and will not take any class that uses the webwork system in the fall.

(2) Any advice on how to supervise & work with such a student programmer?

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Re: Account & advice for student programmer

by Jason Aubrey -
Hi Siman,

I'll leave (2) for people with more experience with that, but as for (1) - yes, absolutely -students who are doing problem authoring or development are very welcome. Just be sure that the student specifies in his bio that he'll be working with you writing problems so we know he is not here by mistake.

If you would like, we can also create a branch of the NPL subversion repository for you and him to use.

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Re: Account & advice for student programmer

by Siman Wong -
Thanks for your reply. Newbie question re "creating a branch of NPL": Do I have the option to turn on/off access of the problem sets to the rest of the webwork world? I would love to share my problem sets with everyone when they are ready, but it's going to take a few months...