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MathObjects version of MAAtutorial or setDemo

MathObjects version of MAAtutorial or setDemo

by Dick Lane -
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The current modelCourse has four sets of problems, and DEF files: set0, setOrientation, setDemo, setMAAtutorial.  I ignore set0, modify Orientation (e.g., to fit my chosen theme) and used Demo & MAAtutorial while I learned to revise/write PG problems.

I am glad we now have two major collections of templates (thanks Gavin & Paul !!), but wonder whether anybody can contribute updated, MathObjects savvy, versions of either the MAAtutorial or Demo set of examples.  [Partial adaptations will be welcomed.]  If nobody has done that so far, then updating MAAtutorial gets added to my to-do list.
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Re: MathObjects version of MAAtutorial or setDemo

by Michael Gage -
Hi Dick,

I've sent a preliminary version of MAAtutorialMathObjects that has been sitting around on my desk for way too long. I hope it is helpful for you.

Thanks for contributing to this task -- having good demo homework sets is really important for newcomers.

Just a reminder that there is a collection of first semester calculus problems at


which illustrate MathObject techniques as well. (login as guest)

-- Mike

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Re: MathObjects version of MAAtutorial or setDemo

by Siman Wong -
I just visited you MathObject-based calculus problems


They look great! In the "orientation" problem set, question #10, the source code loads a macros file called "parserVectorUtils.pl". But when I logined into my local WW account and click on "file manager", I could not find this file under /marcos, which is completely empty. I checked all other directories and I still can't find it. In fact I can't find any marcos files; perhaps they are not accessible by default? In any case, how can I call this vector macros?

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Re: MathObjects version of MAAtutorial or setDemo

by Michael Gage -
The standard macro files (including this one) are stored on the server in the directory


You cannot view this directory from the web.

If you can't find more detailed information elsewhere there is basic documentation on each file at


(reached via the link to POD documentation on the author page)

these macro files will be available on any webwork server which is up to date. You can add additional macro files to the templates/macros directory in your own course. They will be looked at first and will override the macro files in pg/macros.

If this file is not available request that your webwork server administrator update the pg directory.

If the macro files are present you will be able to add "parserVectorUtils.pl" to any of your own WW questions without difficulty.

Hope this helps.


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Re: MathObjects version of MAAtutorial or setDemo

by Dick Lane -
I have attached an archive (300 KB, expands to 800 KB) with an alpha revision of the MAAtutorial collection.  The first two paragraphs of its ReadMe say

=====  begin quotation from ReadMe    =====
    The archive MAA-2011alpha.tgz expands with the following structure.
ReadMe.txt      this file
MAA-2011alpha.pdf        printable version of the MAA-2011alpha problem set
MAA-2011alpha  folder with problem templates and Header
*.def          setMAA-2011alpha.def  plus  a variety of D-*.def and T-*.def
Headers        a folder with Header.pg files for the D-* and T-*.def files
PGcourse-2011alpha.pl  optional customization (show new version) for a course
course-info.txt        text displayed while viewing a list of assignments
                        (if renamed with underscore instead of dash)

    I suggest creating a special course to be used for learning, working,
experimenting with PG and writing problems.  Whether a new or old course is
used, uploading MAA-2011alpha.tgz using the WeBWorK File Manager will unpack it
into the course's templates folder thus adding two folders (MAA-2011alpha and
Headers) and 26 set definition files, one .pdf, one .pl, and two .txt files.
=====  end quotation from ReadMe    =====

I suggest initial examination focus on exploring an assignment using MAA-2011alpha.def (perhaps after viewing the PDF). You might opt to use fragments of my PGcourse.pl in your own (and, if a system administrator helps by installing show-source.cgi, also use a currently disabled fragment).

The 25 other set DEFinition files, the Headers folder, etc., are byproducts of my explorations of tutorial stuff in the NPL.

Thanks, Mike, for your help with this project.
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Re: MathObjects version of MAAtutorial or setDemo

by Dick Lane -
OOPS:  I did inadequate checking of the ancillary stuff.  Most of the header files for the non-MAA-2011alpha stuff had an unclosed group that did not affect screen display but which caused major problems for hardcopy.  I have attached a TGZ with just the fixed headers (and a reordering of the T-AIM-new set).