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Commit Access to NPL

Commit Access to NPL

by L. Felipe Martins -
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I'd like to obtain commit access to /npl/branches/flashdev. I have recently joined Barb Margolius' team, we are implementing the integration of Flash applets into WeBWork. Notice that the branch already exists, I just need to be able to commit changes to it.

Since this is my first post here is a brief introduction: besides this new project, I am working on an extension of the Flash&Math library to solve/display solutions of ODEs. I'll be making a presentation about the initial version of the Library at MathFest 2011. Also (currently in the back-burner), I have developed software that uses Sage for automatic test generation, which we are using at Cleveland State University to generate the tests for our coordinated Calculus sequence.

As to those that have nothing to do with granting access to the, apologies, but I'd like to not that this is actually the suggested method for requesting access in http://webwork.maa.org/wiki/Submitting_problems_to_the_NPL, and I am one of those uncreative types that actually read documentation. Well, at least I am now officially introduced.

L. Felipe Martins
Department of Mathematics
Cleveland State University

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Re: Commit Access to NPL

by Michael Gage -
Hi Felipe,

Jason is on a well deserved vacation this week, but he'll create a branch for you in the NPL when he gets back after the July 4th weekend.  I'm looking forward to your presentation at MathFest.  Both the Flash/Math library and the automatic test generation using Sage sound really interesting.  Jason and I attended sagedays31 in Seattle a few weeks ago and we are eager to look for ways of coordinating and interoperating with the Sage education group.

-- Mike