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Removing Grades link from Main Menu

Removing Grades link from Main Menu

by Louis Zulli -
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I have a course that is devoted to placement testing of incoming students. Is it possible to remove the link for Grades from the Main Menu, just for this course? If so, how can I most easily effect this change?

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Re: Removing Grades link from Main Menu

by Gavin LaRose -
Hi Louis,

In the development branch of the CVS, gateway/quiz assignments in WeBWorK acquire the ability to hide students' grades and work on completed assignments. This isn't completely stable yet, but should be in the next release, which I think is likely sometime late spring.

This isn't quite what you requested, in that it only applies on a per-assignment basis and only for gateway/quiz type assignments, but it's a start and may fit with what you need. If that sounds close but not quite please let us know.