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Re-Opening Homework Sets Changes Student ``seed''?

Re-Opening Homework Sets Changes Student ``seed''?

by Sherman Wong -
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One of my colleagues who is using WeBWorK asked about the likelihood of the student ``seed''s for a given problem set to change when the set is re-opened. My colleague decided to re-open some earlier sets that she had assigned to her students so that they could make up some missed work. However, some of the students who had worked on the sets based on the original due date said that the newly re-opened sets had different problems in terms of values.
I was under the impression that the student-specific problems stayed unchanged until you manually changed the ``seed'' for a given problem.
Am I mistaken?

Thank you.
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Re: Re-Opening Homework Sets Changes Student ``seed''?

by Michael Gage -
You are not mistaken. Reopening a set after the due date shouldn't change the problems unless you manually change seeds. If the problems really did change I would expect something else to have occured.

If you edit a problem and add a new call to random somewhere, that might change some of the other values in that problem, but not other problems in the set.