unable to install via cvs

unable to install via cvs

by Anthony Ardolino -
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I'm following the documentation for installing webwork 2.4 on a SLES 11 server and have gotten to the point where I install webwork from the cvs. I enter the command

cvs -d checkout -r rel-2-4-patches webwork2 pg

and get the following error...

cvs [checkout aborted]: connect to failed: Connection timed out

I'm hoping someone could help me troubleshoot what would be causing this, I'm running the command as root.

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Re: unable to install via cvs

by Jason Aubrey -
Hi Anthony,

We've switched to svn and no longer use cvs.

Have a look at

for instructions on getting the code from SVN. Also, I don't have access to a SLES machine, but feel free to update

as needed when you find other out-of-date instructions.

BTW, for live help, you can find us on in the #webwork channel. John Travis is someone there who just successfully installed the new version of webwork on SUSE.

Hope this helps,