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LiveGraphics3d.pl not working

LiveGraphics3d.pl not working

by Daniel An -
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I am currently using WeBWork 2.4.9

Any problem file using LiveGraphics3d.pl won't be displayed. I tried copying live.jar to every folder I could think of, so I don't think that's the problem. It's not client computer specific either, because I tried it on different computers. It seems that the server fails to generate html files whenever LiveGraphics3d.pl is used.

Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks

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Re: LiveGraphics3d.pl not working

by Daniel An -
I just want to write a thank you note for Paul Pearson and Michael Gage for quick and helpful reply on this topic. Their emails resolved the problem I had. 
What happened in my situation was "findAppletCodebase" was not working because global.conf did not have a correct setup. 
The global.conf has list of possible subdirectories that some applets may be found, e.g.
$pg{directories}{appletPath} = [    # paths to search for applets (requires full url)

Again, thank you all.