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Funding for a Conference

Funding for a Conference

by Peter Staab -
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I am writing a small grant to our institution to fund a half-day long local WeBWorK conference. I planning to ask for money for food to help bring people. Does anyone have any ideas about other things to ask for?
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Re: Funding for a Conference

by Jason Aubrey -
Great! None of this is necessary of course, but if you can get money for it, it might be nice to provide participants with maybe:
  • a live usb containing webwork
  • folders with some of the "getting started" documentation from the wiki (the tutorial, the "Day in the life of a WeBWorK professor", etc.
  • copies of the AMS homework study from the AMS - they have a nice small booklet form you could include in the folder.

If you want, I can send you a bunch of webwork stickers in the mail - these were produced for the last mathfest and we have a bunch, and you could pass them out to participants to put on their computers. (Just email me with your address and how many stickers you want, and I can drop some in the mail for you.)