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Gateway quizzes settings and multiple retakes

Gateway quizzes settings and multiple retakes

by Adam Weyhaupt -
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We use Webwork for practice "competency quizzes" for students in our math for elementary teachers course.  We want students to be able to practice these quizzes as many times as they want but to receive different versions of the quiz each time.

I'm "certain" (which means, I think I remember, but I'm not 100% sure) that we had no problem with this in previous semesters.  For some reason, students are now not allowed to immediately retake a quiz that they've just taken.  If they click to retake the quiz, they see their previously graded quiz, with the message:

Your recorded score on this (test number 9) is 1/10. 
Time taken on test: 0.25 min (30 min allowed).
The test (which is number 9) may no longer be submitted for a grade, but you may still check your answers.

After the time limit for the test has elapsed, they are able to take a new test.  I'd like them to be able to take a new version *before* time has elapsed but after they've clicked to grade the test.  How should I set this up?  I've attached a screen shot showing the set up.  Immediately after I changed these numbers, I was able to take several quizzes in a row, but now that functionality is gone again!  

I appreciate any help you can give!
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Re: Gateway quizzes settings and multiple retakes

by Gavin LaRose -
Hi Adam,

The behavior that you describe as being your memory is that which should happen. To try and better figure out what's going on, I have a couple of questions.

Does the behavior you're seeing now occur no matter how many tests the student has taken? That is, if a student takes one test and then tries to take a second, it occurs? And it can happen for different students who have taken different numbers of tests?

Does it matter if you have 'cap test time at set due date' set or not? (It shouldn't.)

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Re: Gateway quizzes settings and multiple retakes

by Adam Weyhaupt -
Gavin -

First, thank you for the very prompt reply.  I'm sorry that I'm taking so long to reply.  I truly didn't notice it because it wasn't emailed to me ... I think I need to adjust my profile.

The behavior occurs even after the very first test (confirmed by created a new user account).  I've confirmed that it happens for various user IDs (my own, a fake one, a real student one).  I've checked with 'cap test time' both on and off.  What I did notice recently is that after I do the quiz, it doesn't immediately appear in the list of take quizzes.  I did click "grade test".

Thank you as always for your help!