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Executable example problems?

Executable example problems?

by Yoav Freund -
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I found a good number of example problems on this web site which show the code and explain it. However, I did not see the corresponding executable examples. Are there places where I can try out example problems before downloading and installing WebWorks on my server?

Also, my plan is to teach probability and statistics and I would like to find example problems from that domain.

Yoav Freund
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Re: Executable example problems?

by Alexander Basyrov -

Maybe the following page will be a partial answer:

It has a link to a 'PG Lab' page, where one can paste webwork code into the textbox, and see the result of its execution by webwork server.

-- Alex Basyrov
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Re: Executable example problems?

by Arnold Pizer -

If you want to try out WeBWorK in real courses as a student, many courses allow guest access. For example all courses at https://math.webwork.rochester.edu/docs/Spring_2012_courses.html allow guest login.  

Also many courses on https://courses.webwork.maa.org/webwork2 allow guest login.

You can also try WeBWorK as a professor

Login in as profa with password profa.  Note that professors basically have permission to destroy courses (e.g they can remove users, change permissions so that no one can login, remove assignments, etc). So it is possible but unlikely that others have done really strange things to this course. If you login, please be respectful of others who may want to use this course and please do not destroy stuff.  We can recreate the course, but we do not check up on it very often.

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Re: Executable example problems?

by Hedley Pinsent -
I made a course for you at:


username: yoav
password: yoav

Change the password before someone else does.
You cannot hurt anything; everything is a copy.
It has my "local" problems which are mostly modified stuff (statistics).
Don't add any "real" students.
The server runs from my home and, I expect, will not be forever.

Also, attached, is a pdf file which contains instructions/advice based on my 3 months of experience.

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Re: modifying/fixing things on the fly

by Hedley Pinsent -
A comment in the pdf attachment I made above:

"It seems that you can modify “on the fly” without
affecting the students too much as long as you
don't alter the random number stuff."

I would like to add that images are cached; if you do something to change the look of a graph you might want to reassign the problem so that the student gets the new "look"