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Q: how to list current logins

Q: how to list current logins

by Dick Lane -
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After installing some security upgrades to my OS, I need to reboot my server.  I would like to do that when there are no students logged-in to Webwork.

I have a vague memory of Webwork 1.9 providing a way for me to see a list of active logins (for system or for course), but I have not found an easy way to do that with Webwork 2.4.  My current thought is to look at time-stamps for timing.log and the course transaction logs --- perhaps even doing a tail on each and checking times for individual lines (and finding "logout" as last entry in timing.log).  If there is a simpler (or more reliable) way to do this task, I will welcome suggestions.

dick lane
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Re: Q: how to list current logins

by Wojciech Komornicki -
If you have only a few classes, you can go into the class web site and look at the classlist editor. There the students who are logged in are marked as active.

Wojciech Komornicki
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Re: Q: how to list current logins

by Robert Byerly -
At one time Nandor Sieben posted a script that gets active logins. (Or at least those logins that haven't timed out.) Below is the version we are using. (I don't remember if I had to modify it slightly or not.)
Bob Byerly


# Prints a list of active webwork users. Assumes sql_single layout.
# Author: Nandor Sieben

$password = 'XXXXXX'; #your password here

sub mysql {
my ($sql) = @_;
# print "$sql";
qx[mysql -s -u webworkWrite -p$password webwork << EOF

@tables= mysql(q[show tables like '%key';]);


foreach $table (@tables) {
chop $table;
@rows=mysql(qq[select user_id, timestamp from $table]);
foreach $row (@rows) {
if ( $row =~ /(\S+)\s+(\S+)/)
$age =($ctime - $stamp) / 60;
if ($age < 10)
$table =~ s/_key//;
print "$table\t $name\t $age\n";

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Re: Q: how to list current logins

by Dick Lane -
Several courses on my development machine have a name including "-" and this script terminates with "ERROR 1064 (42000)" messages mentioning each of them.

On the other hand, it works well on my production server (which has no hyphenated course-names) --- thanks Bob (and Nandor and Wojciech).