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Rochester Library

Rochester Library

by Mike Everett -
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I am trying to use the same exercises from the Rochester Library that I had used in my course a year ago in the same course, but I receive the message:

You are missing the directory templates/Library, which is needed for the Problem Library to function. It should be a link pointing to /opt/webwork/libraries/NationalProblemLibrary, which you set in conf/global.conf. I tried to make the link for you, but that failed. Check the permissions in your templates directory.

I think I am supposed to go into the File Manager, but I am not sure what to do next?

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Re: Rochester Library

by George Jennings -
The error message suggests that the web server doesn't have permission to write to your templates directory. A sytem administrator could fix that by following the instructions on
-- see the lines about "WeBWorK data directories".
If the permissions prevent the web server from writing to the templates directory then I think the permissions would prevent you from fixing that with the file manager. I think you'd have to be an administrator with command-line access.
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Re: Rochester Library

by Michael Gage -
That could have been the problem, but in this case (which is more common) the Library alias was directed to the wrong path. (This happened on several of our servers when we upgraded and changed the root directory of WeBWorK. Courses that were archived, stored and then unarchived will have these problems.) The libraryBrowser won't override an existing link and issues the message above.

You are correct that this has to be fixed from the command line. Using unix commands you can correct the paths the link points to or if you delete the link entirely then the libraryBrowser will create a new one.

-- Mike