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WW Question type

WW Question type

by Samuel Lundqvist -
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I have just installed Moodle Question Type by following the instructions in http://webwork.maa.org/wiki/Moodle_Question_Type_Installation. By some reason, the setup script didn't create a config.php file, so I had to create one myself by coping the config.php.base file. I am not shure that this is a bug or if it was just me being stupid.

I use the communal server at http://question2.webwork.rochester.edu/problemserver_files/WSDL.wsdl and it works perfect!

The next step is to set up a local Webwork Question server. This is described in http://webwork.maa.org/wiki/WeBWorK_Question_Server_Installation.

Now to the question. The wiki page haven't been updated since may 2008. Before I start the installation, I would like to ask if the instructions on the wiki still holds? Did someone else succed with the installation?

Samuel Lundqvist at Stockholm university
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Re: WW Question type

by Steven McKay -
Webwork Question type has some serious issues. If you search on this site, you will find a prior post of mine that details the problems. We used it for about a year on our site, but the problems were annoying enough that we moved back to the Webwork Moodle bridge.

I have discussed this with Mike Gage and he says that the Webwork Question type needs a lot of work, but is not on his radar yet.

The Webwork Moodle bridge has issues of its own, but they are minor compared to the problems with Question Type. I have moved my courses over to the bridge and am much happier.

Of course, if you are happy with the use of question type, go for it :-) Webwork question type just hasn't been that good of an experience with us.

As to your question, we suceeded with the installation, but it required a lot of fiddling, and we inserted some custom code to get some things working the way we wanted. (I don't know what the fiddling was, and don't know if my computer support person still has the code).

Steven McKay