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LTI-Basic Authentication with moodle

LTI-Basic Authentication with moodle

by Lars Jensen -
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We're trying to set up LTI-Basic Authentication with moodle, and have configured the following in authen_LTI.conf:

$LTIBasicConsumerSecret = "mysecret";

I'm not sure how to configure the consumer key in authen_LTI.conf, and on the moodle end, I left it blank.

The last thing I believe I have to configure is the user parameter to be sent by the LMS. We have the same usernames on moodle and webwork, so I believe this should be the username. I'm not sure how to configure this part in authen_LTI. I tried the line:

$preferred_source_of_username = "username";

but get no automatic login to webwork - I just get to the webwork course login page, and must enter the userinfo manually.

Any help appreciated.
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Re: LTI-Basic Authentication with moodle

by Lars Jensen -
....no answers....

Does this mean that nobody has tried to authenticate to webwork from moodle using LTI?

I had partial success in that I was able to authenticate from my moodle course directly into Wheeler's webwork course (as described in the wiki) without having to provide username/password by using the External Tool in moodle....But I can't get it to work with my own webwork course, and I'm not sure what the issue is.