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WeBWorK Release 2.7 is out!!!

WeBWorK Release 2.7 is out!!!

by Michael Gage -
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The new version (WeBWorK-2.7) of WeBWorK has been merged into the "master" branch on github.com/openwebwork.  If you are already using version 2.6 from the master branch then updating from github will get the new software with the new features.  There are instructions and release notes at http://webwork.maa.org/wiki/Release_notes_for_WeBWorK_2.7

WeBWorK-2.7 is what you should plan to be using for this coming fall.

For those using software from the SVN repository there are instructions for switching over safely. (The use of github makes it much easier to upgrade in the future and to back out to earlier versions if that is desired.) 

The separate branch release/2.7 in github.com/openwebwork has been completely merged into the master branch and is no longer needed. It will be removed shortly.  The same 2.7 software can now be obtained by "pulling" from the master branch.  

Within a few weeks we hope to have a new release candidate release/2.8.  We are building toward a significant overhaul of the instructor's user interface which will make it more web2.0 interactive.  The reports we hear so far are that the student interface already works well, even on tablets, so we will be more cautious about making changes on that aspect of  WeBWorK.

There are several initiatives this summer to reorganize the OpenProblemLibrary, to organize problems sets for modelCourses (Calc1, MultiVariableCalc, Statistics1, et.) and to create and improve problem types such as those using Sage interacts and "compound" or "progressive" problems which present questions sequentially.

Many features of this release have been developed at the code camps 
WeBWorK::Rochester, WeBWorK::Winona, WeBWorK::Fitchburg, WeBWorK::Raleigh, WeBWorK::AnnArbor. (see the blogs linked tohttp://webwork.maa.org/planet for news about camps and the features developed). Thanks to all those participants and to everyone else who has contributed to this new release.  Next planned code camp isWeBWorK::Vancouver.  Anyone interested in organizing, helping to organize, or participating in a code camp to work on WeBWorK projects please feel free step up, and to contact me (Mike Gage) if you wish help or advice.

Enjoy the new release.  I encourage those who helped build this release to continue to write blog posts describing the new features and how to use them. We'll also create more permanent "manual" pages on the wiki.

Take care,

You can respond to this post with comments and discussion. As always help with updating the wiki, blog posts or wiki pages containing tutorials or instructions on using particularly features are VERY welcome.  Thanks, everyone.
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Re: WeBWorK Release 2.7 is out!!!

by Lars Jensen -
Hi Everyone,

The upgrade to 2.7 went smoothly, except that the admin course did not upgrade correctly. Please see error message below. (All other courses seemed to upgrade OK.)

Is this something to be concerned about?


upgradeReport for course admin:

  • achievement Table is ok
  • achievement_user Table is ok
  • global_user_achievement Table is ok
  • key Table is ok
  • password Table is ok
  • past_answer Table is ok
  • permission Table is ok
  • problem Table is ok
  • problem_user Schema and database table definitions do not agree
    • Field problem_seed => is ok
    • Field flags => is ok
    • Field sub_status => is ok
    • Field max_attempts => is ok
    • Field status => is ok
    • Field value => is ok
    • Field last_answer => is ok
    • Field source_file => is ok
    • Field set_id => is ok
    • Field version_id => missing in schema
    • Field problem_id => is ok
    • Field num_incorrect => is ok
    • Field num_correct => is ok
    • Field attempted => is ok
    • Field user_id => is ok
  • set Table is ok
  • set_locations Table is ok
  • set_locations_user Table is ok
  • set_user Schema and database table definitions do not agree
    • Field enable_reduced_scoring => is ok
    • Field version_time_limit => is ok
    • Field restrict_ip => is ok
    • Field set_header => is ok
    • Field psvn => is ok
    • Field hardcopy_header => is ok
    • Field version_creation_time => is ok
    • Field open_date => is ok
    • Field hide_work => is ok
    • Field hide_score => is ok
    • Field relax_restrict_ip => is ok
    • Field problem_randorder => is ok
    • Field versions_per_interval => is ok
    • Field version_last_attempt_time => is ok
    • Field visible => is ok
    • Field time_interval => is ok
    • Field set_id => is ok
    • Field version_id => missing in schema
    • Field problems_per_page => is ok
    • Field assignment_type => is ok
    • Field due_date => is ok
    • Field answer_date => is ok
    • Field time_limit_cap => is ok
    • Field user_id => is ok
    • Field attempts_per_version => is ok
    • Field hide_score_by_problem => is ok
    • Field restricted_login_proctor => is ok
  • setting Table is ok
  • user Table is ok

Database tables are ok

There are extra database fields which are not defined in the schema for at least one table. They can only be removed manually from the database.

Directory structure

  • DATA => /opt/webwork/courses/admin/DATA rwx 
  • achievements => /opt/webwork/courses/admin/templates/achievements rwx 
  • achievements_html => /opt/webwork/courses/admin/html/achievements rwx 
  • email => /opt/webwork/courses/admin/templates/email rwx 
  • html => /opt/webwork/courses/admin/html rwx 
  • html_images => /opt/webwork/courses/admin/html/images rwx 
  • html_temp => /var/www/wwtmp/admin rwx 
  • logs => /opt/webwork/courses/admin/logs rwx 
  • macros => /opt/webwork/courses/admin/templates/macros rwx 
  • mailmerge => /opt/webwork/courses/admin/DATA/mailmerge rwx 
  • root => /opt/webwork/courses/admin rwx 
  • scoring => /opt/webwork/courses/admin/scoring rwx 
  • templates => /opt/webwork/courses/admin/templates rwx 
  • tmpEditFileDir => /opt/webwork/courses/admin/templates/tmpEdit rwx 

Directory structure is ok

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Re: WeBWorK Release 2.7 is out!!!

by D. Brian Walton -

We are having the same problem here.  I am guessing that the admin course does not follow the same schema as every other course, but the "Upgrade Course" link on WeBWorK is somehow only using the standard course schema.

I am actually curious about how these tables are actually used in an admin course, since I'm not familiar with problem sets or such ever existing in the admin course.

Any feedback on what is causing the database upgrade to flag these issues?  (If you delete the two extra fields, the admin course recreates them later.)

- Brian
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Re: WeBWorK Release 2.7 is out!!!

by Nandor Sieben -
The library browser still has buttons called "National Problem Library" and "NPL". Should they be called "Open Problem Library" and "OPL".

The end (Updating WeBWorK files) of the installation manual   http://webwork.maa.org/wiki/Installation_Manual_for_2.7_on_Ubuntu_12.04
still talks about svn.

What are the safe themes on a production server? The default theme math2 seems a bit buggy.

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Re: WeBWorK Release 2.7 is out!!!

by Michael Gage -
Theme4 is the best at the moment and has the most features.  In particular
you might find the behavior of PGproblemeditor3  an improvement over the 
old editors since it shows the rendered problem in a pop-up overlay instead of 
in a new browser window.  

Theme3 should also work well.  We have not been updating theme2 since it is nearly identical with theme3.  If there are no reasons for keeping theme2 we'll remove it from release/2.8. 

You can still use either the NPL or OPL with WeBWorK but we are strongly encouraging people to use the OPL so we should change the name.  Is that worth a hot-fix to the current master branch or can that name change wait 
for release/2.8?

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Re: WeBWorK Release 2.7 is out!!!

by Davide Cervone -
Is that worth a hot-fix to the current master branch or can that name change wait
for release/2.8?

I think it can wait until 2.8. Hot fixes should really be for things that are mission critical.