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Merging several matrices into one matrix

Re: Merging several matrices into one matrix

by Davide Cervone -
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It looks good. You could combine the line
    my $Row = Matrix($c[$i])->transpose; $Row = $Row->row(1);
into the single command
    my $Row = Matrix($c[$i])->transpose->row(1);
In fact, you could replace
    my $Row = Matrix($c[$i])->transpose; $Row = $Row->row(1);
I guess you could also simplify the loop slightly as
    for my $c (@c) {
since you can iterate over your column array. Technically, you could also reuse @c by setting
    for my $c (@c) {$c = Matrix($c)->transpose->row(1)}
    return Matrix(@c)->transpose;
rather than allocating a second array, but perhaps that is too much.

Other than that, it looks fine.