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webwork 2.7 PGML

webwork 2.7 PGML

by Jack Dockery -
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I am new to webwork and have tried the PGML example:
sampleproblem4 at webwork.maa.org under webwork 2.7 but
get the following error:

> Unknown context 'Context' at line 129 of (eval
2357) Died within
> main::Context called at line 1351 of (eval 2354)
from within
> main::_PGML_init called at line 183 of
[PG]/lib/PGloadfiles.pm from
> within PGloadfiles::loadMacros called at line 427
> from within main::loadMacros called at line 4 of
(eval 2155)

Has anyone used PGML under webwork 2.7

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Re: webwork 2.7 PGML

by Hedley Pinsent -
Well - It should not be this way; I get the same behaviour in version 2.6 also.

My "upgraded" version(s) have the Macros stored in more than one location. I am guessing that the Load Macro routine tries to replicate where it first finds success to find the other macros. The bottom line though is that there should be only one version of the macros.

You can "get on with it", however, by rearranging the order in which the macros are requested; this seems to work - see screen shot.

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