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LoyolaChicago Problem Library?

LoyolaChicago Problem Library?

by Justin Brody -
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Sorry if this is just me being stupid, but I don't seem to be able to download the Loyola Chicago problem library. I tried going through cvs and got:
[webwork@phoenix libraries]$ cvs -d :pserver:anoncvs@cvs.webwork.rochester.edu:/webwork/cvs/loyola_chicago co loyola_chicago_problib get
cvs [checkout aborted]: connect to [cvs.webwork.rochester.edu]:2401 failed: Connection timed out
I couldn't find it on on https://github.com/openwebwork. I did see it on https://github.com/jasongrout/webwork-national-problem-library/tree/master/NationalProblemLibrary but wasn't sure how to access it.

Any pointers?
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Re: LoyolaChicago Problem Library?

by D. Brian Walton -
Are you saying that you did not get Loyola Chicago problems as part of the OpenProblemLibrary? They should be there as part of the standard install:


The installation needs to use git, rather than cvs:


Not sure if this helps, since I'm not sure why you wouldn't have gotten LoyolaChicago as part of your installation.

- Brian

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Re: LoyolaChicago Problem Library?

by Justin Brody -

Thanks for your response! It looks like I was just reading old documentation -- it does seem to be in the open problem library directory.

I guess my question then becomes how to access them? In particular I'm looking for PreCalc problems but PreCalc doesn't come up as a subject in my Library Browser???

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Re: LoyolaChicago Problem Library?

by Justin Brody -
Nevermind -- I found them under the NPL Browser!

Thanks for your help!

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Re: LoyolaChicago Problem Library?

by Paul Pearson -

For future reference, adding the following code

############ begin code

$courseFiles{problibs} = {
Library => "OPL Directory",
# rochesterLibrary => "Rochester",
# asuLibrary => "Arizona State",
# dcdsLibrary => "Detroit CDS",
# dartmouthLibrary => "Dartmouth",
# indianaLibrary => "Indiana",
# osuLibrary => "Ohio State",
# capaLibrary => "CAPA",
# ucsbLibrary => "UCSB"

########### end code

to the course.conf file will enable an "OPL Directory" button in Library Browser (the original version). As you can see, other shortcut buttons are included but commented out. The way to make this change to course.conf is to click "File Manager", navigate from the "course_name/templates" directory to the "course_name/" directory by using the button with "^" on it, selecting the course.conf file, clicking the edit button, pasting the code from above into the file and clicking the save button.

Best regards,

Paul Pearson