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University of Georgia Problem Library

University of Georgia Problem Library

by Gerard Awanou -
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I saw they are using "University Calculus" by Haas and al at the University of Georgia and I also saw that U. of Ga also have a problem library.

Now from my webwork library browser page, the UGA math library is not listed. I believe their choice of problems would match that of the above mentionned textbook. How does one have access to the UGA library?

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Re: University of Georgia Problem Library

by Gavin LaRose -
Hi Gerard,

You can get it from the Rochester CVS: see the directions for downloading "File Based Problem Libraries" on the WeBWorK2 Wiki [link: http://devel.webwork.rochester.edu/twiki/bin/view/Webwork/FileBasedProblemLibraries]. It looks like the UGa library isn't listed there (Michigan isn't either); the repository name is probably uga and module name uga_problib.