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A blog post about WeBWorK

A blog post about WeBWorK

by Alasdair McAndrew -
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I made a small post about WeBWork yesterday here


You may be interested in checking for any inaccuracies. Although my blog is of course just that: a place for personal comments and random opinions, I do like my facts to be straight.

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Re: A blog post about WeBWorK

by Michael Gage -
Looks good to me. Thanks very much for writing about it.

If you would like I can add your blog (or a subset of your blog posts)
to our blog aggregator at http://webwork.maa.org/planet.  

Just send me (gage at math dot rochester dot edu ) a url and I'll have it included in the feed to the blog aggregator.
(If you don't want to include all blog posts I think you can set preferences 
and a url so that only your posts that are related to webwork will be included.)

Here are a couple of comments.

The connection with sage is still  experimental.  Those experienced
with Sage and WeBWorK can set it the connection, but it is not yet an easy or automatic experience.

You can get into a demo WeBWorK course as a professor at

use profa  for login and profa for password.

Then you can browse the library, create problem sets and so forth.  Don't
expect anything to be saved or remain untouched -- and you won't get a clean course when you  login.  You'll see work that others have left.