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Parser::Number::Decimals(); ?

Parser::Number::Decimals(); ?

by Alex Jordan -
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I have a problem where a very complicated context has been built, including an activation of Parser::Number::NoDecimals();

Later in the problem I would like to use Compute in the same context, or a copy of the context, but now with decimals allowed. Once you have used Parser::Number::NoDecimals();, is there an easy way you can bring decimals back into play?

I can see in Parser::Number, that NoDecimals adds some kind of regular expression check to NumberCheck. Can I do something to remove that? Can I just assign NumberCheck to be empty, or whatever its pre-NoDecimals() state was?
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Re: Parser::Number::Decimals(); ?

by Davide Cervone -
You can use
to remove the check that Parser::Number::NoDecimals() installs.