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demo of WeBWorK integrated with Moodle

demo of WeBWorK integrated with Moodle

by Dick Lane -
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As part of my renewed attempt to entice our local Moodle folk (& their commercial Moodle-partner) to implement a bridge between their Moodle and my dept's WeBWorK server, I would like to cite some examples demonstrating what can be done.  For this purpose, the "Moodle+WeBWorK course" should allow guest access.

Although I have not found a viable link to the first semester calculus demo cited in
bottom of this post cites what I found today linked from

Note: it appears a prior "Login as a guest" is required at
For my purposes as an evangelist for WeBWorK, I would like to be able to present an access path for observers/assessors which has minimal complications for them.

Linear Algebra and ODE: Spring 2010
Linear Algebra and ODE: Spring 2009

MTH201 Probability (Fall 2009)

MTH282 : Complex Variables -- Spring 2009

I will welcome additions to this collection of links to accessible example courses showing Moodle + WeBWorK integration.  (Links to examples involving demos of integration of WeBWorK with other LMS's will also be welcome.)

For Whatever it's Worth: I suspect our "Moodle partner" would bill us ($2000 plus) for a code-review, followed by a subsequent charge for adapting existing bridge code to suit their commercial adaptation of Moodle.  Has anybody else gone through this process?  If so, has there been a subsequent donation to an open-source project of code refined by a commercial firm?