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helpLink working only in single-question view, not multi-question

helpLink working only in single-question view, not multi-question

by Alan Ableson -
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For several questions, we use the Webwork help link syntax:

Write this answer in \{helpLink('interval notation')\}.

In testing,
- the help link works (unrolling box appears, showing the help item) when viewing the problem when it is the only question (e.g. through the "Homework set" view, or the "Edit problem - view"), but
- when viewing the problem in a problem set where all the problems are in one page, the link doesn't activate (it shows as a link/clickable item, but nothing happens).

I'm guessing the difference has to do with the surrounding CSS, as the knowl.js javascript has lots of conditions on that, but I'm not good enough at CSS and web debugging to identify the problem further than that! Any similar issues and/or workarounds?



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Re: trying AnswerFormatHelp doesn't work

by Alan Ableson -
Follow-up: after seeing the related function
I experimented with that, but using that function led to no text or link appearing at all in the question display, regardless of the single- or multi-question page. "AnswerFormatHelp.pl" was included in the sample PG file.