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MathJax sqrt display in Safari

MathJax sqrt display in Safari

by Gavin LaRose -
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Hi all,

I'm seeing the following in Safari (MacOS 10.8.5, Safari 6.2.2; also 10.10.1 with 6.2.5), running WeBWorK 2.7 with MathJax 2.4.0 using local STIX fonts). When displaying a fraction such as

  \frac{a + \sqrt{b x}}{c + \sqrt{d x}}

the horizontal overbar in the square-root symbol does not display when the zoom is at its default scaling. Increasing---or decreasing---the font-size results in the display appearing as expected.

Does anyone know if this is a quirk or a bug, or something weird with our set-up?


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Re: MathJax sqrt display in Safari

by Danny Glin -
I've been seeing similar things using WW 2.9 and MathJax 2.4.0.

Attached is a screenshot using the current version of Safari.  I think I've seen similar issues with Firefox.

Attachment Screen_Shot_2015-01-19_at_2.45.47_PM.png
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Re: MathJax sqrt display in Safari

by Dick Lane -
Last spring, when such mis-displays were frequent in my "course" with practice versions of my Differentiation gateway, I punted and changed default display to be Images.  That is not something I want to do again.

An individual can change their configuration for MathJax (right-click or ctrl-click on a MJ element displays a popup menu).  E.g., I have
    Zoom Trigger = hover
    Zoom Factor = 200%
(and will demonstrate that to my classes next Tuesday), but I have not chosen
    Scale All Math    to be larger than surrounding text.

1)  it appears MathJax configuration by an individual would need to be done for each browser on each client computer.
2)  Stix fonts are installed on my client computer (see "local STIX" in Danny's screenshot).

I've seen vague references to an installation of WW+MJ being configurable to avoid the mis-displays we've seen.  If that is feasible (& reasonable), where should we look to find directions for doing that?