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LTI-Basic problem/set assignment errors

LTI-Basic problem/set assignment errors

by Gavin LaRose -
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Hi all,

We're using LTI-Basic authentication for some courses this semester (this is with WeBWorK 2.7), and are seeing sporadic issues with the automatic set assignment to students in the course when they first log in. The result is that some students are assigned a set, but the number of problem entries in the problem_user table is less than that for the global problem. For example, there may be six problems defined in the problem table, but only the last will have a corresponding entry in the problem_user table for the student.

This leads to the predictable questions:
(1) Has anyone else run into this?, and
(2) Is there an obvious diagnosis and/or solution? (Or one that isn't obvious; I'm not picky.)

Other background information: this is connecting to Canvas.