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Authentication Failed

Authentication Failed

by Paul Seeburger -
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I have never had this issue before, but this semester I have had two students so far who have not been able to log into webwork courses even though they are using the username and student ID as default password.

In both cases, adding a number after the username and reentering all other pieces of information exactly the same seemed to fix the problem, but I still can't understand why the other accounts won't work.

I even tried to change the passwords, and I still could not login as them.

Any ideas?

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Re: Authentication Failed

by Murphy Waggoner -
I just encountered the same problem tonight.  

Possibly coincidence, but earlier in the day there was a power problem and the servers were shut down.  They were brought back up and students were getting the attached error.  I don't know what happened, but that problem resolved itself and it was after that that the student e-mailed about the Authentification Failed problem.

I created a new login for the student, but am wondering how I merge her old grades with her new grades?

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Re: Authentication Failed

by Danny Glin -
The attached error message looks to be unrelated to the problems that specific students were having earlier.  The error message in the image comes from WeBWorK being unable to contact the database, and would likely have affected all users.  This is likely because the database server wasn't started when the web server came up.  Either it was manually started afterward, or is set to start later in the boot sequence than the web server.

You should check with your system administrator that mysql (the database server) is set to start automatically when the server boots, and that it is set to start before apache (the web server).