Installing Webwork3

Installing Webwork3

by Dave Rosoff -
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I followed the directions to install ww3 using Jason's script. I checked out the ww3 branch from github and made sure all the Dancer modules specified in the instructions were up to date. I added some lines to various config files as instructed. Maybe I am missing something, but the instructions seem to imply there will be a Webwork3 button or link in the left navigation pane. I don't see one. 

At present I'm hoping this is an obvious enough problem that somebody can point me in the right direction, but I can certainly give more detail about which instructions I followed and what I see if that will help. Thanks very much in advance.

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Re: Installing Webwork3

by Michael Gage -

You need a ww3 => 1 switch turned on in localOverrides.conf:

 %showeditors = (
       ww3  =>1,
#       classlisteditor1   => 1,
        classlisteditor2   => 1,
#       classlisteditor3   => 1,

#       homeworkseteditor1 => 1,
        homeworkseteditor2 => 1,
#       homeworkseteditor3 => 1,

did you get that one?

-- Mike

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Re: Installing Webwork3

by Dave Rosoff -
Hi Mike,

Yes, I did; I also added a bunch of code to the apache2.4-config file. The only change I noticed was that in the Course Config menu, there was a submenu that seemed relevant to WW3. If you can think of anything else I might have overlooked I'd be very grateful.