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Getting Going with an Amazon EC2 instance

Getting Going with an Amazon EC2 instance

by Tim Lauck -
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There appear to be many complexities involved with using an Amazon EC2 instance effectively and securely. There are things to get right even before one tries to run an install script for WebWork as a test server with a single Amazon account administrator (simplest situation) but secure enough to not risk your amazon account ID.

Best practices for setting up identity Management? (recommended by Amazon)
Which profile(s) should be attached so you can use the interface, see your billing, control your services and your WebWork EC2 instance?
Which services should be set up and with what firewall and port restrictions?
Examples from experienced persons would be helpful.
Special things that need to be done running EC2 that are different from normal install?

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Re: Getting Going with an Amazon EC2 instance

by sam koski -
I have been struggling with ECS also.
When I originally got my site, it came with WebWork 2.5.  In this course I noticed that there are much later versions.
Today I tried to do an install, but it failed.  I don't think you can do an install over an existing instance.
I tried to install in a different place, but that didn't seem to work either.
Finally, I tried to do an update. The script appeared to run, but I don't see any difference in the site itself.  It is still version 2.5.
(I did get the system running on a different computer in a Virtual Box, but that one is not accessible from the outside)

If anyone knows how to proceed with Amazon, I would be interested in learning. 
Is it possible to completely delete the existing version and start the install from scratch.  I am afraid to just delete the directory.