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Do we have class on 7/14

Do we have class on 7/14

by sam koski -
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I spent most of the day in the "problem" rooms.  Toward the end of the session, I heard that there might be class tomorrow?  I can't find any other reference to that, but if we do, I will be there.  Does anyone know for sure?
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Re: Do we have class on 7/14

by Michael Gage -
There is a class tomorrow (2 in fact)  11am EDT and 3PM EDT

See you there -- sorry you are having so much trouble.

on your EC2 system, you could just install webwork2 and pg from git 
(move the current webwork2 and pg directories to webwork2old and pgold 
and create new webwork2 and pg directories using the 

git clone command that I talked about in the very first lecture.