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Getting Going with an Amazon EC2 instance

Re: Getting Going with an Amazon EC2 instance

by sam koski -
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I have been struggling with ECS also.
When I originally got my site, it came with WebWork 2.5.  In this course I noticed that there are much later versions.
Today I tried to do an install, but it failed.  I don't think you can do an install over an existing instance.
I tried to install in a different place, but that didn't seem to work either.
Finally, I tried to do an update. The script appeared to run, but I don't see any difference in the site itself.  It is still version 2.5.
(I did get the system running on a different computer in a Virtual Box, but that one is not accessible from the outside)

If anyone knows how to proceed with Amazon, I would be interested in learning. 
Is it possible to completely delete the existing version and start the install from scratch.  I am afraid to just delete the directory.