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Referencing "assignmentType" variable in a problem

Re: Referencing "assignmentType" variable in a problem

by Kyle Maddox -
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I believe they're mostly or all local problems. I'd have to learn the regex to be able to do this, and I sadly don't think I have the time for that.

My boss and I have decided to look into using the Hint feature to try and solve the issue, but the problem (as I explain further in another post that I made) is that we'd like the display text to say something other than "HINT:" on the page.

Maybe the regex with PGcourse.pl would be the best practice, but we're trying to work towards a quick solution since we're trying to get these inserted before our students come to the problems without them. We've got a few weeks, but I'd still like to get started on a solution now, haha.

Thanks for your suggestion though!