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Guests submitting answers?

Guests submitting answers?

by Alex Jordan -
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Is there an existing way to enable guests to submit answers? Here is the scenario I imagine:

A guest logs in with the guest login button. They see problem sets that have been assigned to the guest accounts. They have access to the Submit button (not just Check). Answers are stored, but of course it would be silly to keep them across sessions. So at the end of their session, they are cleared. And the next person to use guest login and randomly get that guest account won't see the previous person's answers.

I'm asking because I'd like to set up a course where anyone can just jump in and do quick review of some particular topic. I'd like to use JITAR. But JITAR relies on knowing how many attempts have been used on a problem. So for a guest, it's not really usable unless there is a Submit button.

I'm guessing that I could set some permissions in course.conf to enable the guest accounts to have the Submit button. I've done this in the past for guests and the Check button. But what about the part where answers are cleared at the end of the session?

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Re: Guests submitting answers?

by Geoff Goehle -
You can certainly allow guests to submit answers. I beleive that that is the permission here: https://github.com/openwebwork/webwork2/blob/master/conf/defaults.config#L709 although as you can see there are a lot of things you can fiddle with with regard to recording answers and permissions.

There isn't a way to "reset" practice users at the end of a session. In order to have that functionality you would need to add something which deletes user data when logging in a practice user.