log rotation

log rotation

by Balagopal Pillai -
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I had two more questions before I put version 2.12 on our new server - 

Log rotation - at the moment I enabled rotation of timing.log on our existing
webwork server. Are the following logs safe to rotate? - 


Lighttpd - I see that the static files in temporary directory could be relocated 
and served via lighttpd. Same goes for Mathjax. Log analyser shows that 
TeX-MML-AM_HTMLorMML-full.js is a significant percentage of transferred data. So that should definitely help if getting offloaded to lighttpd instead of a prefork apache process. Any more items other than these two that could be served by lighttpd? I am trying to take as much off the apache prefork process 
as possible. Apparently a single chrome connection opens up 6 or so tcp connections, which means that many prefork processes. For 800+ students, it adds up... Thanks very much.