Computer Science Problems

Computer Science Problems

by Eric Stroyan -
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Hope I am posting in the right place.
Our Computer Science teacher has an interest in using WeBWorK.
I have placed the Pace/Cornell files into a practice course. I appear to be missing some things, particularly Where can I get this and where should it be placed? I guess what I am really asking is how to set up a system for CS so that student code input can be evaluated. I recall seeing something to that effect, but was not able to find how to set up a server to do so.
Any help is appreciated.
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Re: Computer Science Problems

by Michael Gage -
Hi Eric,

Good to hear from you again.  I haven't heard from the Pace/Cornell people
in a while so I don't think much of anything has been done on checking Java code recently.  I will look this weekend to so see if I can find any of the software associated with that project in my "files".  I was never able to get it running on a server locally -- mostly because it required getting JUnit to work and my Java skills were and aren't that great. 

However, -- these days a lot of CS programs are teaching Python and for that there is some active development by Goeff Goehle that you might be interested in.  You can start at and scroll down to Goeff Geohle's post from May 01 2016. (for some reason the link to Geoff's blogspot isn't responding today -- but the post is preserved on our blog aggregator). The original post is at

He may have done more work that isn't documented yet, since he was helping CS professors at Western Carolina University with their courses.

-- Bug me this weekend if you still want the javaAnswerEvaluator files and I'll see what I can find.

-- Mike

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Re: Computer Science Problems

by Michael Gage -
Here is a second.

They are for delivery "as is" -- they haven't been used in some time
and I don't know how helpful they will be.

If you do come up with working WeBWorK questions please let us know.

You could write a blog post about it and send a note to me ( to have your blog included in the blog

Meantime Goehle's blog post on assisting python language courses at should be of interest to many.