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number of attempts in scaffolded problems

Re: number of attempts in scaffolded problems

by Joel Trussell -
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Going back to the $numOfAttempts approach, I played with that and put out hints and such, but I couldn't figure out how to close the section and go on to the next. Since the sections may be related, I will often need to give the student to correct answers at the time when the section closes. 
In previous scaffolded problems, where the student's answers were approximations, we used the method of giving credit for approximations that were close enough, but then told him/her to use the exact values which we gave - of course this assumed the answer to the first part was "close enough", so the next section would open. 
when the answer is not correct, I don't know how to open the next section. 

I'll be reading on the hidden answers and get back on that later