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Promblem Number shown twice

Promblem Number shown twice

by Paul Hermans -
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I made a custom problem for adding fractions (yes I know this probably already exists, but I am learning). When I import a promblem from Open Library it works great. The first line in the rendered problem is something like this:
(1 point) Library/SDSU/Discrete/IntegersAndRationals/factorB2.pg

But when I make my custom problem I get the right information, but repeated a second time.

(1 point) Fraction_Operations/addFractions.pg
(1 point) Fraction_Operations/addFractions.pg

rest of problem renders fine.
What I am wondering is where this text is even coming from, and why might I be getting it twice?

Thanks in advance!
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Re: Promblem Number shown twice

by Alex Jordan -
Hi Paul,

Look in your problem code for something like:

It sounds like you have that in there twice. Also, you should know that the output from beginproblem() is different for students than for faculty. Typically a student won't see that path to the problem file.

Also, don't fall into a trap I did when I started writing problems, which was to leave out TEXT(beginproblem()); because I didn't want to distract students with that file path. For one thing, as I said, they don't actually see the file path. But there are other reasons why you want that in there, especially for hard copies of problem sets.

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Re: Promblem Number shown twice

by Paul Hermans -
Thanks Alex,
I thought it was only in there once, but you were right .... was in there twice.
Much appreciated.