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Moodle integration

Moodle integration

by Olivia Henders -
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I'm wondering if there have been any updates to the system for implementing WeBWorK questions in Moodle. I was taking a look at this post (https://moodle.org/mod/forum/discuss.php?d=315504), but it seems like replacing slashes with two underscores and hyphens with three underscores is a bit unnecessary.

That aside, though, the main concern is that it's unclear what to enter for some of the fields. When adding questions to the Opaque server, we're faced with the following form:
Obviously, I would think that the id field is the aforementioned question id, though I'm wondering if it can be pointing to a local question rather than something on the OPL. Also, what should be used for the version number field? We were considering using 1.0 as a placeholder, but it seems like there should be a more appropriate option.
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Re: Moodle integration

by Michael Gage -
Unfortunately the link to the screen shot isn't working. The reason for the arcane use underscores is that the specification for the opaque server client (created by Tim Hunt) for problem identifiers does not allow for the characters / and - which are used extensively in defining the path to a given WeBWorK problem.

Using underscores is probably a temporary work around. If we consult with Tim and with others using the opaque client we may be able to extend a the types of characters allowed in the problem identifier without hurting the way the opaque client is used for other services. If necessary we can fork the opaque client project and create something that is completely customized to work with WeBWorK. To some extent this is what was done with the STACK engine which originally used the opaque client and then evolved to use it's own moodle module interface.

Answering as best I can without the screen shot reference: the question id is the path to the problem (similar to the path you will see in the WeBWorK homework set editor). It is relative to the `daemon_course` so local problems in the daemon course can be referenced as well as questions in the OPL.
The question version is not used at the moment -- setting it to 1.0 seems as good a choice as any. WeBWorK does not currently have a concept of version number, but other servers using the opaque client do.

Hope this helps.
-- Mike