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Just-In-Time Hardcopy

Just-In-Time Hardcopy

by Andrew Swanson -
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I've been experimenting with Just-In-Time assignments in my courses this past semester. One Issue that has confused a few of my students is the fact that, if they choose to print a hardcopy of the assignment when it opens, WeBWorK prints the entire hierarchical structure.

The student opens an assignment and sees there are (for example) 5 questions. When she goes to print the hardcopy, however, there are 15 questions.

While it is desirable for me to see the entire set of problems and subproblems when I'm building an assignment, I've had more than one student complain about doing all of the questions in the hardcopy only to find that only some of them actually appeared online.

Should there be an option to only print hardcopy of open questions? Does this option already exist and I've missed it?