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homework set question

homework set question

by Balagopal Pillai -
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We have a webwork setup that has grade passback enabled
to brightspace. I was wondering about this - Would it be possible
to keep a homework set open even after due date so that students
could use it for midterm or final preparation, but with no grades
passed back to brightspace? Thanks a lot

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Re: homework set question

by Michael Gage -
Regular homework remains accessible after the due date -- you have a "check answer" button instead of a "submit answer" button. No recorded grades are updated.

I think that adding an LTI connection doesn't change this behavior. WeBWorK might be updating the grade back to the LMS but since the grade is not changed with additional answer submissions nothing happens.

I don't know how d2l handles homework -- does it deny access to homework after the due date? If so perhaps you can extend the due date for d2l but not
extend the due date for the WeBWorK engine. Then I think you would get the
behavior you are seeking.

WeBWorK also has the "guest" access supplied by the practice1, practice2, ... users. At UoR I make those available so that students can log in to previously
open homework assignments and do a different version than the one they were originally assigned. The results for practice1, etc. a not recorded.

Do you think one of these ideas will work for you?
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Re: homework set question

by Balagopal Pillai -
Thanks Mike. The practise user is also another good option. We use it for our
diagnostic test and it works well. But if the regular homework sets remain open even after due date without any submit answer option, it should do the job. It may be necessary to extend the due date on brightspace, but leave the actual due date on webwork. Thanks again.
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Re: homework set question

by Alex Jordan -
Echoing Mike's suggestion, if you are using D2L (Brightspace) with WeBWorK, I recommend not using any form of conditional release for accessing the WeBWorK set in D2L (which maybe you are not doing anyway, but it's worth repeating).

That includes restricted dates. Because WeBWorK is already restricting ability to submit for credit by the due date, and if D2L is doing that too, the restrictions can clash. Some inconsistency could lead to a very confusing situation for a student.