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Email Question

by Jim Fischer -
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We are running 2.12 on ubuntu 16.04

When emailing students for the first time after a course has been created, everything works as normal. The subject line and "email from" and "reply to" boxes are automatically filled in correctly with course name, instructor email addresses.

But when emailing again anytime after first time, the subject line and "email from" and "reply to" boxes are filled with generic names from the template. We have to manually enter the information each time we email. The email system does work correctly in that emails get sent and are received.

What would cause things to work correctly the first time but not work correctly anytime after with respect to automatically filling in subject and email from, reply to boxes?

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Re: Email Question

by Jim Fischer -
Oh my... all I needed to do was take a few minutes to figure out what I was doing wrong. I think I must be over-worked ;)

Simply save the default message to keep the settings! Doh!