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WeBWorK, PreTeXt, and Active Calculus

WeBWorK, PreTeXt, and Active Calculus

by Alex Jordan -
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Hello everyone,

I'd like to publicize a few related items here. Active Calculus is an open textbook for calculus with an inquiry-based learning approach. Matt Boelkins of Grand Valley State University is the lead author and manager of the project, and the site for this book is:

The new edition of Active Calculus is going to be the first widely used textbook that uses WeBWorK integration at its source, calling on problems from the OPL. This means several things.
  1. The eBook (linked within the above) has embedded WeBWorK cells for roughly half of the exercises. (No credit is recorded for a student reader checking answers this way.)
  2. The print version (also linked) has the same problems printed in a static format.
  3. You can get a .tgz file with all that you need for homework sets corresponding to each section of the book. (Most/all problems use randomization, so assigned versions will be different than the eBook versions.)

This is all possible because of PreTeXt, a tool set for authoring open (text)books. PreTeXt is the creation of Rob Beezer of University of Puget Sound.

Additionally, the support for WeBWorK within PreTeXt originally came from an OpenOregon grant, and has continued with support from my institution, Portland Community College.