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[Math] , Problems not viewing

[Math] , Problems not viewing

by Joseph Loeffler -
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Hello all, I have made a video show casing my problem

The webwork is new to my college. Our IT department installed it
following the guide provided on the main website.

I attempted to create a test course and added problem sets from the
open library.
Attempting the view the problems all I see is [math]
I tried to search around on the forums and attempted the
recommended solutions I could find. I did them in the video.

I am using Google Chrome. When I use IE, The issue still persists.
Let me know if you need any additional information.
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Re: [Math] , Problems not viewing

by Danny Glin -
What OS are you using?

Do the problems render properly in the Library Browser, or do you get the same behaviour there?

Here are a couple of things to check:
  • Look to see if there are any errors in the apache error log on the server.
  • Open the JavaScript console in your browser and see if it reports any errors.
  • Try changing your user settings to images mode, and then viewing the problem.

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Re: [Math] , Problems not viewing

by Joseph Loeffler -
I am using Windows 10.

The problems do render in the library browser.

Here are the images from them

From library

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Re: [Math] , Problems not viewing

by Arnold Pizer -

Maybe MathJax is not installed. I would check that first. If you have access to the server, you should find it at /opt/webwork/MathJax. If it is not installed, it is very easy to install. Search for MathJax in the document http://webwork.maa.org/wiki/Installation_Manual_for_2.13_on_Ubuntu_16.04

Also try using image mode: Click on User Settings, and under "View Equations as" select "images".

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Re: [Math] , Problems not viewing

by Joseph Loeffler -
I emailed our IT department about MathJax as Suggested
They replied with
"MathJax by your indication of a missing /opt/webwork/MathJax seems to be indicated."

They said they would get back to me next week.
If this resolves the issue, I will respond.
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Re: [Math] , Problems not viewing

by Joseph Loeffler -
Just to close out this post.
Installing mathjax has made the problems viewable.
Thank you for your help and advice everyone.

This was the response from my IT department.
The installation directions weren't very precise, however, I think I have what you need. See if it works now. This is what I've done, and have added to our installation instructions.
cd /opt/webwork/
cd MathJax
git gc --prune=now --aggressive
I can verify that there is now a directory /opt/webwork/MathJax/ and your symlink at /opt/webwork/webwork2/htdocs/mathjax does point to the new directory ../../MathJax/ or the full path /opt/webwork/MathJax/

I hope this helps future people