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Authoring a survey in WeBWorK?

Re: Authoring a survey in WeBWorK?

by Danny Glin -
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As the WeBWorK code has been updated and modernized some of the approaches used for these types of questions are no longer practical to maintain.  For one thing, having a WeBWorK problem send emails is no longer sustainable, so it's unlikely that that functionality will come back.

This thread already mentions essay answers as an option for collecting free-entry responses, though these would not be anonymous.

Anonymous surveys were never a core feature of WeBWorK, so it's not something that will likely see any new development in the near future.  I would strongly recommend looking for a tool that is designed for this purpose. If your institution has a learning management system (e.g. Blackboard, Moodle, D2L Brightspace, Canvas), then you can use the survey feature that is built in.  If not, there are commercial tools that offer a certain amount of surveys at no charge (e.g. surveymonkey) which may serve your purpose.  Just be careful about what information you collect if you are using a commercial website, so as not to run afoul of your privacy office.