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Adjusting Due Dates

Adjusting Due Dates

by Andrew Dabrowski -
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In the Hmwk Sets Editor it's possible to change the open and close dates on an assignment for the whole class. But if a student has already received a User Value for those, the adjustment in the Class Value produces no effect.

Is this the intended behavior? Is there some easy way to adjust open and close dates for the whole class regardless of whether User Values exist?
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Re: Adjusting Due Dates

by Danny Glin -
This is the expected behaviour. On first thought this seems like the logical way for this to operate. User Values are overrides, and thus I would expect them to persist despite changes to the global values.

There are a couple of ways to do what you are asking:
  1. A quick way to blow away all overrides for a set is through the Instructor Tools page:
  • Click on "Instructor Tools"
  • Highlight all students, and select the set
  • Click "Edit one set for users" at the bottom
  • Save changes
    This will undo all of your overrides (though I have only lightly tested this), as it is effectively assigning blank User Values to all users. Now all students will receive the class value.
As above, but in the last step, set the dates as you want them, then click save.
I recommend the first suggestion. The second one means that all students will have an override date, and the global dates are left as-is. This means that in the Homework Sets Editor you will see dates that don't apply to any students, which could easily lead to confusion.