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Change Default Submission Number

Change Default Submission Number

by Tania Hazra -
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I want to change the default set up for "unlimited attempts" to "5 attempts" for all the homoworks. I did the following change from course configeration (optional module):

Inline image 1
and saved the changes.
But it's not changing the default setup. Could you please tell me if I'm missing something?
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Re: Change Default Submission Number

by Arnold Pizer -

Your image did not show up but you can not change what you want from the web course configuration page. If you want to make the change for a single course, put the line
$problemDefaults{max_attempts} = 5;
in the course.conf file (you need admin privileges to edit this file using the
file manager) or you can edit it if you can login to the server. If you don't have access, talk to your sys admin.

If you want to make this change for all courses on your server
then in localOverrides.conf, change the line
$problemDefaults{max_attempts} = -1;
$problemDefaults{max_attempts} = 5;

Hope this helps,


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Re: Change Default Submission Number

by Tania Hazra -
Thank you Dr. Pizer for your response!

I don't have access to the server account. I can see only course_info.txt file from file manager. I may talk to system admin.